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See the Solo Exhibition. For a short time Lorraine Parker, Creative Textiles will be exhibited at the gallery of Timeless Textiles, (Centre of Fibre Artisans) Islington in Newcastle. Now is your chance to see Lorraine's intricate and detailed work in person, like the wonderful Circle of Life, Triptych (see right). Remember that the photos on this site don't do the work justice so if you can get to the exhibition it is well worth it. On from 15 November - 9 December 2012, 6-8pm

New to Creative Textiles is a gorgeous collection of patterns for sale. See the link for Patterns & Supplies above or click here.

Taken from Lorraine's popular Icons of Japan quilt, each panel is an individual quilt you can now use to create your own superb collection of quilts - or choose one to start with and as your confidence grows add more.

Don't forget, whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned quilter, looking for new techniques or more inspiration, you can always enrol in any of the current workshops available.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Lorraine Parker, Creative Textiles



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Current Workshops

Absolutely Truncated (*New*)

Jelly Roll Bed Runner (*New)

Paint and Free Surface Play (*New*)

Designer Jackets

Creativity with Programmed Stitches

Photo to Fabric (Small Quilt)

Land - Sea - Scape (3 days)

Paint and Surface Play

Fabric Manipulation & Embelishment

Colour Wash Memories

All workshops may be arranged to suit. Please contact Lorraine directly and she would be pleased to assist you with your requirements.




Specialising in:

Fabric Manipulation
Creative Machine Embroidery
<img src="003_t.jpg" alt="Picture of embellishment">
<img src="003b_t.jpg" alt="Picture of embellishment">
<img src="063_t.jpg" alt="Picture of fabric manipulation">
<img src="063_t.jpg" alt="Picture of fabric manipulation">
Creativity with yarn
Textile Mixed Media

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